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Clubhouse Associates

The clubhouse associates are the building manager, bar manager, kitchen manager. building custodian, membership secretary, recreational director, young Deaf adults program director, and social director.
Building Manager - Gavin Ballow/David Razor

The Building Manager has supervision of the general operation and maintenace of the clubhouse building. The manager makes sure everything is operatonal for heating, cooling, electrical, plumbing and landscaping.  The clubhouse building was built on 1 acre land bought for $325,000.00 in 2004. The ground was broken in September 2004 and the construction of the clubhouse was started and cost at $950,000.00.  The building had grand opening on August 20, 2005.   The building is valued today at $1.5 million dollar investment proudly handled and managed by the GSLAD membership.
Kitchen Manager - Betty Manion/Felicia House (Fridays & some Saturdays) 

Kitchen Manager on Wednesdays prepare hot or cold meals for Gateway Silent Seniors.  The kitchen manager orders and prepares food for each menu on assigned day.  The kitchen manager supervises volunteers in preparation and cleaning of the kitchen.

Kitchen Manager on Fridays & Saturdays prepare hot or cold meals for Dart League (Fall or Spring) on Fridays - open up on some Saturdays. The kitchen manager orders and prepares food for each menu on assigned day.  The kitchen manager supervises volunteers in preparing and cleaning of the kitchen. 
Bar Manager -  Gregory Petersen
Assistant Bar Manager 1 - Mike Madden
Assistant Bar Manager 2 - Richard Schoeffler

The bar manager schedules happy hour activities on both Fridays and some Saturdays depending on the calendar,  supervises several volunteers in running the bar, & keep the inventory up to date to replenish food & drinks at bar.
Building Custodian - Gavin Ballow/David Razor

The building custodian has a general supervision of the building in keeping the building clean and in order.  The building custodian keeps inventory supplies filled to meet cleaning and maintenance needs.  The building custodian does general cleaning of rooms assigned,  sweep, mop and vacuum floors,  empty trash as needed,  replinish restroom supplies, wipe windows, dusting and wiping furniture and other duties as assigned.
Membership Secretary - Scott Mady

The membership secretary handles new and old membership files.  The secretary keeps tickler system to track the club membership.  Currently we have 165 members as of August 31, 2016.   The secretary with assistants also collect $2.00 temporary membership fees on Fridays & Saturdays.
Hall Director - Greg Petersen
Assistant Hall Director - Tiara Mason

The social director keeps track of social events weekly at the club.  The director handles hall rentals and make accommodations for each event for public or private events.
Historian/Photographer - Denise House

The historian/photographer keeps record of events that happen at the club. 
Recreational Director - Gavin Bellow

The recreational director keeps the game room active with shuffleboard tournaments, dart games and tournaments, pool table games and other table games.  Watch the calendar for upcoming events on Fridays and Saturdays from 5 pm to closing.
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